15k vs 9k

As the weaker player I lost by only 4.5 points, so this felt like a strong game for me. I’d like to get this game reviewed in order to improve on my best play.

This is my first review request, so I’m unfamiliar with the process. Should I arrange to be online at the same time as the reviewer, or can reviews be done asynchronously?

reviews can be done asynchronously. in fact, i already did one without you noticing :slight_smile: . nevertheless you can still contact me to ask questions if you want to!

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Thanks for the review @kickaha! (I just got a chance to study it today.) Your comments are really helpful :smile:

Regarding your comment on alternate move 71, about the white group not having 2 eyes… It looks like the white group could easily run away towards the top and connect with the white stones there. If this is the case, I can’t fully grasp why it matters that the group doesn’t have 2 eyes.

glad you found it helpful!

Move 71: I just happened upon the fact that whites group didnt have 2 eyes and added the variation. at that point it didnt matter, because white was connected. maybe at another point in the game it would have mattered… or not :slight_smile:.

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