16k looking to teach/be taught 19x19 correspondence

I feel more like 18-19k, but 16k +/- 2.2 is what OGS gives me.
My last review is here in case you want to flip through to have an idea of my level.
I want to play on OGS :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

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Dunkel (21k) vs GoPirates (16k)

feel free to send me a challenge if you want :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! Adam3141 (6k) vs GoPirates (16k)

We could play if you want

Yes, that would be great! Sent you an invite.
PaCo17 (1d) vs GoPirates (16k)

Since there seems to be a time restriction on editing posts, I’ll have to make a new reply with the link to the review.

PaCo17 (1d) vs GoPirates (16k):
PaCo17 timed out (move 32)

Adam3141 (6k) vs GoPirates (16k):
Review of Adam3141

Dunkel (21k) vs GoPirates (16k)
Dunkel timed out (move 54)