17 k, too little space

Even though I won, basically I lost. As always, it’s the opening where I don’t act adequately. What am I missing? (Just some key moves would be enough)

And here is another one. I got a lucky break at the end but in principle I was losing. Why?

I added some comments on the first game. I think you can improve if you double check whether or not you have to respond to your opponents move, is that move an invasion, threatening to capture something, etc. (I mean I think I can improve this way, I think I should probably practice more life and death)

It should just allow you to play bigger moves earlier (moves surround area/attacking defending moves elsewhere etc). It might mean giving up one or two stones, but the idea would be that if those stones don’t matter - maybe they’re not cutting stones or stones that fill in to make a dead eye space, or key stones for one of your groups (maybe the group gets disconnected if they’re captured), there’s a chance giving up a stone or two can be worth more than keeping them. I still find it hard to judge this but it’s an idea.

Other stronger plays can probably give better advice but I thought I’d chip in :slight_smile:

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I think you were definitely winning in the last game up till mid game, but then you played a lot of very small moves, effectively worth as much as passing until black had secured a huge area in the middle.

I left a review here.

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