17K vs 17K – review request


Could you please make a review of this game?

As for me, it was quite tough. What do you think about my playing? (I played with white stones)

Added a review here: https://online-go.com/game/12169650

First, I’d recommend that you review your games on your own before asking for help. Trying to identify what you did wrong will teach you more than just being told what you’re doing wrong. After you’re done reviewing, have someone stronger look at both the game and your analysis to see what you’re missing.

In terms of the game, the biggest thing I noticed was that, in the opening, you tend to try to establish groups everywhere near your opponent instead of just taking big points. This lets your opponent have the big points, and if they played them well, you’d end up spending the game fighting to try to play catch up. You ended up winning because you stopped doing that and played a big point on the top, which you ended up converting into territory after some mistakes from your opponent. Your opponent also played slow, defensive moves for basically the second half of the game, which gave you a huge center territory.


Thanks a lot! Now I see how bad I played :expressionless: