17K vs 18K Review review

Hi all!

Can you please review this game? It was very agressive and full of mistakes (I’m white). I want to understand the biggest ones that turned the game into a kind of bloody skirmish.

I guess the first thing that happened is that white lept into the Chinese Trap. That’s always going to be fighty.

I’m not sure if you can truly call this a “mistake” - maybe it’s deliberate on white’s part to give black what he really wanted with the chinese opening, but it seems “not usually advisable”.

Then black had set the trap, and had the victim walk in, but didn’t really know how to take advantage, so that was a messy fight in the bottom right.

After that, black just kept playing small cutting moves instead of focussing on what’s big. The whole fight starting at Move 63 seemed very pointless for black. I’m not sure if Move 63 was “the biggest” mistake, but it was certainly the start of a number of moves that ignored the big space still open on the board, and didn’t build anything for black.

In summary, black played fighty small moves that resulted in a fighty game :slight_smile:

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A no-komi game won by 6,5 points! :slight_smile:

I think there is only one big mistake: attach, attach, attach…