17Kyu looking for a teaching game on 9x9

Much appreciated …

At 17k I think there is more to learn on a larger board: at least 13x13 but better still 19x19.

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Unless you want to specifically learn about 9x9?

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What do you want to learn , what is your goal with a teaching game?

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Teaching is usually about sharing knowledge on the topic. But I think playing on 9x9 is mostly about reading ability. It does not involve much knowledge.

People with a lot of knowledge about 9x9 are quite rare, I think. It’s much easier to find people with knowledge on 19x19.

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Considering his level, I’m not sure that micmicmic is asking about a teaching on the theory of a 9x9 game, but more about some help on how to play go using a 9x9 board.
There is still a lot to teach, like how to press, capture, ladders and net, closing your boundaries, sente gote…

(to continue) … tesuji, basic life and death problems, endgame tricks (kind of part of closing the boundaries), maybe even quick counting tricks A little game I made to practice counting quickly.

There’s actually a lot to learn about how to efficiently read right? How to recognise vital/important points to focus on potentially useful variations. How not to do wishful reading for instance :slight_smile: https://senseis.xmp.net/?Katteyomi


Sure challenge me correspondent :slight_smile: