17x17 should also have ranked game

17x17 is so funny, many people like the ranked game.


I’ve always regretted that you can’t play ranked games for any size > 7 x 7 :frowning:


I would start from 9x9, avoiding some debates…
But yes and the ponderation for the global rating could follow the growth in size (which is fair considering the time invested in each game size)

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I want a board with an infinity by infinity size, so that no matter how big of a group I lose, or how big my opponents territory is, it’s exactly 0% of the board and I don’t have to feel bad.

Plus I can tenuki as much as I want without worrying about falling behind!


If the weight for the computation of the rating is proportional to board size, and if you lose an ∞ × ∞ game by timeout then you become ∞ kyu.

On the positive side, if you win the game then you become ∞ dan.


None of our time or board settings are weighted. You win or lose, and your overall rating is compared with your opponent.


1/4 for 9x9, 1/2 for 13x13, 2/3 for 17x17 would still be generous for smaller sizes.
For inconvenience, you’ll have to play like 20 9x9 to get your first ranking.