18 Kyu, looking for a teaching game


I play Go for 3 weeks now and today I’m 18 Kyu on OGS… I’d like to play a teaching game (against anyone who wants to :slight_smile: no matter what level you are, as long as you have more experience than me obviously ^^’).

I have difficulties in Fuseki, I never know how to play interesting moves at the very begining of the game. I think “fighting” is also difficult to me (I often “cut” at the wrong time for instance and so on). I have many other issues obviously, but those are the ones I have noticed the most.

I can play correspondence games, even if I prefer to talk in real time :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your time :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I will not be able to have a real time game, but if you like we can have a correspondence game (3d time limit) and I hope I can give some hints, even though for sure there are a lot stronger players ;-). Bu t I hope every little bit helps :-).

Hey, I am about 10k. If you want add me to your friends a shoot me a PM when you see me online. I do not do correspondence :slight_smile:

If that’s helpful, I’d be up for a correspondence game as well. I’m just ~12k but surely there should be at least some feedback I’d be able to give. Send me a challenge if interested.