18k Looking a review of my game (I played black)

Are there anything you feel I need to concentrate on to become better? Am I not getting direction of play correct?

Maybe one thing you could try is to follow the principle of “Corners, then sides, then center”. It is related to direction of play.

In the game it looked like you tried to build your main territory in the center, which is difficult in general, because one can’t use the edges of the board to surround territory.

It takes only two walls of stones to surround territory in the corners, and three on the sides, compared to four in the center


Your moves are at times very passive, accepting to reinforce instead of separating. Another point is when you lean on your opponent stones to help yourself going out and such but in that process you help a lot your opponent becoming thick or make points.

So that’s 2 points to consider (from this game)
1 Don’t play passively or too conservative.
2 Avoid contact/pushing moves when you can