18k offering and looking for a teaching games

I’ve been playing for 2 months, I think I’m more like 17k, possibly as strong as 16k but I haven’t played a lot of ranked games the last week or two.

I’d love a teaching game from a player 10k or stronger.

I’d be willing to help any absolute beginners (30-22k) with a teaching game.

Correspondence or live (after 10am Pacific), any time limits other than blitz.

Focus for me: I’d love to learn not to create weak groups. :slight_smile:

what is your timezone and when are you useually on perhaps we can find a way to get a teaching game in :slight_smile:

3k kgs 2k tygem 7k ogs

That would be great! I’m on Pacific time zone (U.S.) … I’m usually on between 10am and 8pm, off and on. I am traveling for the next week, but the week after that would be awesome.

ill try to keep an eye out for you on here do you have a kgs account aswell? teaching games on kgs are sometimes easier but i can work on either site

I can make an account on kgs, but I much prefer OGS if that works for you. What’s the difference between the two in terms of teaching games, out of curiosity?

kgs has more options for outlining and analyzing positions as well as in audio reviews during a teaching game just a few more tools is all games in ktl are also likely to be visited by other strong players with more incite

Hey, I would love to have a training game, I’m currently rated at 19k but I think that’s just from my low amount of games. I’m mostly doing 9x9 but also am looking to do larger boards.

Hey, if your still offering teaching games I could definately use one.

Thanks alot