18Kyu vs 13Kyu review request

Hey all. This is my first post here. Got interesting in Go after watching AlphaGo.
Anyway… I played this game earlier and I deffently played at my personal best but still lost the game by 13.5 points. I reviewed the game and added comments but if anyone has any suggestions/ comments , I would be delighted to hear them.review-186492.sgf (4.2 KB)

Is this a game you played on OGS? If so, posting the game link will help people give you better reviews. The OGS review setup is pretty good, and easier for multiple people to offer reviews on.

I agree w @pbgarden that linking to the actual game on OGS is easier for reviewers to find and review your game. But I found it anyway and gave some comments here:

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Apologies Guys. I am new to the forum and didn’t realize I could just paste the link… I had best go and find a forum introduction now…

Mark, That review was awesome. Learned a lot from your comments. Thank you. Just from your comments and looking back on it a third time, I feel that I might have been too aggressive throughout the game.

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