19*19 Ladder timeout

I just noticed that Sadaharu, who was previously #1 in the 19*19 ladder, (more like accidentally) lost a game by timeout. It seems that he drops off the Ladder all of a sudden from #1 to nothing (or #-1 ?). Is there any mechanism that he could come back more quickly than climbing the mountain from the very bottom again?

Unfortunately not, timeout in ladder games now removes you from the ladder bringing it more in line with the way OGS used to work. The only way will be to fight back up from the bottom.

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I, too, have become -1. What is a ladder timeout? I thought I had about six games going.

Now I just won a game ( by timeout :slight_smile: Can I simply re-signup for the ladder? Are these rules written up somewhere? I haven’t seen them.

Resurrecting this topic to ask a related question. I browsed around and didn’t see an answer to this, so forgive me if this is a repeat or if the answer is obvious somewhere.

The other day, my opponent in a ladder game timed out:

Although the game is listed as a win for me and influenced my rating, it didn’t move me up in the ladder. My understanding is that ladder policy is you get booted from the ladder if you time out a game, but is this supposed to mean that the game is, for purposes of the ladder, void, since you can’t move up and take the place of someone who is no longer in the list?

I’m wondering if this it what is supposed to happen or if it is a bug.


I thought I had understood the rule, but not that sure, actually.
Time out kicks a player off the ladder, OK.
His opponent wins the game by time out, and it might impact both players ranking. OK.
But why in this case does not the winner jump to the place in the ladder his opponent was kicked off (if it’s higher than his current one), as in all other cases of win? Or does he?
Thanks to clarify the answer, and the rationale behind it.

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I think he does, but only if the player who timed out is still on the ladder. Maybe the other player did time out from a ladder game before that, and got kicked out the ladder before this timeout?

… but because he timed out, by definition he is not still in the ladder :frowning:

I just had this same problem: my opponent timed out, leaving me with a useless victory:

  1. I didn’t get rank, because he previously timed out some other game
  2. I didn’t move up the ladder



Hum. I think it might depend if it he (the kicked off) has already timed out another ladder game or not.
If the opponent has already timed out a ladder game just before, of course the current one is not counted for the ladder any more.
If the current game is the first time out, maybe the victory is counted before the player is kicked off. But that is exactly the point which is unclear to me.

My game from ladder ended by timeout 06 april. So far the party is on the ladder list. And I didn’t move up and can’t summon another player. Game - https://online-go.com/game/12302344

The game ended on April 6. But this game still hangs in my ladder as unfinished. https://online-go.com/game/12302344

Did you try to call a moderator from inside the game? (from right hand side dock)

Ladders frequently have issues like this, but maybe this old topic isn’t the best way to draw attention. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Moderator say “For the devs”. Where i can write to devs?

If moderator says “call the devs” you have to shout loud @anoek !!! :smiley: