19 kyu player looking for a teaching game on 9X9 board

I would appreciate a teaching game on 9X9 board in correspondence.

thank you.

9x9 is a bit limited for teaching, because the scope is so small. 9x9 is mostly reading and endgame which you can practice by doing problems.

With a teaching game most people are interesting in learning about strategy and overall board positions.

Howdy, I agree with Nepumbra, but I don’t mind giving reviews on a 9x9 game. I’m 12 Kyu though, so if you don’t mind my rank, I would love to help. :slight_smile: I live in GMT+8

Thanks for your reply.

I thought on what you and Nepumbra said and I agree. I just really like 9X9 and wants to get better at it.

Having said that I would like to improve also on the big board, so if instead of review you will be willing to play a 19X19 game (and give some remarks) I will appreciate it.

Due to lack of time I play correspondence, usually between 1-3 days initial time (otherwise games are too long for me to track m lines of thought).

So if it suits you let me know.

Thanks again for your reply.

Yeah sure, either 9x9 or 19x19 would be fine. I play more of 19x19, so it’d very suitable. ^-^
As regards to time , my time zone is GMT+8, so hopefully we can make time for a live review or else I would just have to review the game during my free time and give you the link to that.