19k vs 18k review request

I made a few mistakes, but all in all I didn’t think I played terrible.

Can someone review my game upto move 215 please and provide some tips how I can improve?
I feel like I can learn a lot from this particular game.

Thanks in advance!!

I am currently working on a review for you, however unfortunately I don’t have time to finish it today, so I will give it to you tomorrow.
Also, do you want your review translated? It seems that you speak pretty good English going by the forum post. But if you would rather have it in a different language just tell me. (I will be using google translate so the translation might be wrong :slight_smile:)

English is fine, thank you very much!

I’d done, let me know if you have any questions.
One of the main things to improve your game is to think about your moves more. In this game you made a lot of good moves, but also made a lot of small mistakes, which can be bad for you.
I hope this review helped!

D3 is actually joseki if you follow up at C2. (See http://josekipedia.com/#path:pdqfnc) I added a variation to the review.

Yeah i was debating as to whether or not that was joseki, but it seems to give black a better advantage because white has lots of aji. But what do I know… Thanks for doing that :slight_smile:

Edit: I just looked at the rest of the joseki, and it seems to be not bad for white.

Thanks both of you, it helps a great deal!