19x19 18 kyu vs 12 kyu AI

http://online-go.com/game/887763 It would be great if someone could review this game because it was a fun game for me and I feel I could learn a lot from it. Thank you for your time.

Here you go. Billy was drunk.


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Thank you for your review.

Also here is a game were I tried playing more aggressive If you could review this I would be very grateful http://online-go.com/game/890753 thank you for your time.

Here ya go.


Your play is really interesting to me. Sometimes you have amazingly good ideas. Other times you let white gobble up a huge group for seemingly no reason. I don’t understand. Your biggest area of weakness seems to be group safety. You might say go itself is primarily about group management.

Remember: in China, go is called wei-qi. Two characters. Literally, the “surrounding game.” One reason Chinese players are so strong is they realize the game is about surrounding the opponent’s group and not getting surrounded yourself. This is the essence of group safety. I suggest you think in terms of strength and weakness of groups for the net few games and see where that leaves you.

Thank you I learned a lot from the reviews, thank you for your time.