19x19 Multiplex goban in the works!

My new 19x19 goban. Still unfinished (looking to finish it up with beeswax mix)


I admire anyone who is able to create something with his own hands :smiley:

the lines seem way too close to the edge though o.O won’t the stones fall off?


Adam, the stones I use are those decorative glass gems and they don’t have a standard size. It’s their “downsize” (rimshot plz) that when I get a too large one I’ve to change the stone if I’m playing on the borders. But I’ve played in my other self-made goban with some plastic standard size stones and they seem to fit well. I’ve created this one strictly with chinese standard measurements for a goban and planning to get a glass stone set that’s chinese size, so I think they should be ok! (ALso, I cheated a little in this one and bought the multiplex already cut the right size).

Edit: correcting a writing mistake


Pretty. What means “multiplex”?

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I was also puzzled but it seems to be the same as or similar to plywood.

(via Wikipedia disambiguation page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiplex

And “BTW” :smiley: AWESOME work, @Cactus_Juice!

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It is! And thanks! I still have to finish it!