19x19 review request (still learning vs AI: DOGE_BOT)

Hello everyone, I will step into this community with this shameless first post :slight_smile:

So, to put myself in the context (skip if you want), I’m a self learning weiqi player that only played versus the IA. I started at the lowest level and gone up kyu by kyu until I found DOGE BOT! It seems I can’t beat an 8 kyu yet :blush:
Nevertheless, fighting that machine I was able to improve step by step, some times by inspiration, some times watching live games and some times reading the forum. I want to consistently win against it before I start saying that I’m able to play weiqi (right now I can say that I can make some random moves :rofl:) and try playing against humans and getting some evaluation (I don’t have a rank yet!).

So, to sum up my introduction, I want to improve my game. And I think my next oportunity to grow is easier found here than by myself (thank you readers!).

Finally on the topic, lately (not always but more than once), I found the IA saying that my game at the begining is really good (versus this 8 kyu IA) with winning probabilities up to 99,5% but, at the end, I lose.

I would love it if anyone could view the game I post here and point out which topics should I try to improve next:

My 2 coments and 1 variation:

The original:

Thank you very much!

I left a few quick comments (I didn’t check with AI if they were correct), but the main point is that you often play small moves and follow the opponent a bit too much. There is often a bigger point elsewhere on the board.

Also I would suggest to stop playing against bots and play humans. You’ll learn faster. I’d even say that playing too much against kyu bots can prevent future progress, as you get bad habits.


Thank you very much! I’m seeing it right now and I notice that I do that many small moves I think I can improve in this well.

But I don’t know how to improve in “enforcing my flow instead of following the opponent’s”… I will research on it :blush:

It’s easily said! :grin:
Every time it’s your turn just ask yourself: should I respond locally to the last move or is elsewhere some better move to play?

Easier said than done! :wink:

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Find lectures/books on middle game. Study pro games (early yose in Shusaku’s for ex.)

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Maybe I should try to write in the chat what I see before each move?

And thank you, I will try to think more about it in my next games

Where do I find pro games? I searched some time ago but I didn’t found…

With your example, I could find something but I do not know many names.

You can start here… on OGS.

For Shusaku’s commented games there is a wonderful book in english (not online) “invincible, games of shusaku”. Worth the price.

You can watch live pro games too, fun activity to guess where they will play each move. But very few on OGS, need try other servers

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I think your issue is more of a conceptual one. You seem to just try to always play close to your opponent stones and attach to his stones when you play instead of looking at the board as a whole and try to decide which positions would be worth the most points.

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This is also useful later, when reviewing the game after it’s finished. I do that in my games against human players. You could use private chat or Malkovich mode so that your opponent doesn’t read your mind while playing.

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Added a review in the second game.

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Thank you very much

I recommend “Find out the move” (Descubre la jugada - Find out the move - YouTube). This site has commented pro games, where they pause the game at many crucial moves and present the viewer with four choices. Then they explain why three of the choices are inferior to the real move. It is fun and instructive.


oh! Some day I searched for something like this but I couldn’t find anything (I suppose that searching for weiqi and baduk doesn’t give enough results and Go is confused with the english word).

Thank you very much, and it seems they will do it in spanish (one of my mother tongue :stuck_out_tongue: )

And @Groin I found the book “invincible, games of shusaku”. I already read the preface and I will follow with the rest :slight_smile: And as you can see, some nice player shared some not-live pro games resources I think I will enjoy.

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I did it (the comments on the chat), and I tried to be more careful in the points you all commented me.
I lose by an endgame error but I saw that I can do it, it was close! But I’m so tired right now :sweat_smile:.

Well, I make the comments in personal mode so I couldn’t share them but I created a review where I copy pasted them in the correct place.

Here it is if someone is boared and want to read the mind of some novice player (and better for me if he/she leaves some comments about my play :blush: ):

(now that I see the preview, I think I let the AI have too much of the right part of the board :sweat: )

I think I will consider myself enough to play against humans after some more games like it

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You lost by few points: if white is big on the right, you have quite the same territory elsewhere.
That’s fine!
Pro players often win a game by 1 or 2 points. It means that their strength was quite even.

You need to improve very little to beat that bot. Well done!

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