1k~1d Offering spontaneous teaching games - 19x19

Heyo. I’m jmdingess on OGS. If you see me on shoot me a message and we can organize a teaching game. Once this topic is a week old I’ll probably rescind this.

I’ll try to check this forum, but the most reliable way of getting to me is just messaging me when we’re both online.

A few notes:

  • I’m just a novice myself and don’t pretend to be anything more than that
  • In order for me to be able to teach anything, you’ve got to be a bit weaker than I am - this means weaker than 8k or so. I’m open to just playing any rank, but I probably can’t pass much on if you are around the same rank as I am.
  • 19x19 board, my preferred time setting is 30m+5x1m, but we can figure it out
  • If you’re around 25-18k I don’t think teaching games are going to do much, should probably just play more.
  • I’m in EST timezone. It’s finals week so I’m always at my computer studying/goofing off, and I’ll always appreciate the break.

I tend to play slightly aggressively and I consider life and death and attacking to be strong points. I’m not so good at joseki or big-moyo games.

I’ll probably leave this offer open until I get sick of it…


I’ll take your offer! I need to get better at 19x19 anyways.


That’s a nice offer! I’m 9k. Would you consider a correspondence teaching game?