1st Ogf Rengo 19x19 Tournament 🌐

But in the games we play, not in a way that we could communicate with our teammates.

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The point is not to provide useful information to the players. I assume that when we use the chat in games we are not playing, then the players can’t read the chat? Can a player who is a moderator see the chat anyway?

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No, if (s)he is logged in with that account.


Yes, I meant not in the thread for everyone, in other teams’ games it doesn’t matter because they don’t see it, in our own games carefully (maybe Malc?).
Sorry, I just woke up (it shows!).


I’m probably having a weekend brain moment, but why does it show me the option to pass if it’s W’s turn?

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We have our first finished game!

I’ve updated the tables in the top post, please let me know if anything needs correcting/ adjusting.


Who usually asks for resignation, the stronger or the weaker player? Is it okay if I (as the stronger player) don’t ask for resignation, even if I don’t see a way for us to win a game?


In my opinion,

  • Any player can propose resignation.
  • The other player of the team is free to accept or refuse.
  • You are allowed not to propose resignation, even if you think the situation is hopeless.

I think custom is winner reports the result, so winning team leaders please update the tables accordingly.

I have to say this tournament is going smoothly, I guess being among veterans is a reward in itself. :hugs:


Yes, the games are very challenging, and it is really nice to have teams where everyone stays to the end.


Experimenting with a different table format

:arrow_down_small::white_circle: / :black_circle::arrow_forward: Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6
Team 1 ongoing B+R W+R ongoing ongoing
Team 2 ongoing W+R W+R ongoing
Team 3 W+R W+R ongoing
Team 4 W+R B+R
Team 5 ongoing

What do you think?


I like the idea, but up left looks like this

With a maybe more convenient way to show colours, I like it a lot.

It’s a bit disorienting for me to have one team missing in each group (vertically and horizontally) but maybe it’s a tech crowd thing so I’m ashamed to admit it.

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Another alternative

:white_circle: / :black_circle: 2 3 4 5 6
1 B+R B+R W+R W+15.5 W+R
2 W+4.5 W+R W+R :crossed_swords:
3 W+R W+R W+28.5
4 W+R B+R
5 :crossed_swords:

… However, isn’t it weird to only use half the board? Bottom left is empty…

It’s shorter and more compact I admit.

(maybe my brain is done for the day, don’t mind me)

Both look great to me!

… Though I’m a bit sad to lose the handicap info.


What if we had a 6x6, bottom left is handicaps top right is results?

(I’ll see myself out, my day has passed twice).



Permission to create a Tournament Record if one does not already exist?

Sure, what do you have in mind?

There is a feature (which unfortunately is a bit incomplete at the moment) that allows to create “custom tournaments” on OGS.

It does not actually “bind” the games in any way, it just serves archival purposes. I’d have to copy some of the html tables from here, in order to have the information plainly visible, however it’d all be neatly put in one page (inside OGS).

You’d just need to choose one OGS group to be the “host”. Maybe the Rengo one? Though that one seems inactive, the admin hasn’t been seen in ages.

Idk, maybe create a new group? What’s another drop of water in the ocean :person_shrugging: