1st Ogf Rengo 19x19 Tournament 🌐

Welcome everyone!

This is our first official rengo tournament, forum crowd version.

Our teams are

Team 1: a8090 (1d) and OnoKakafeniks (5k)
Team 2: martin3141 (2d) and Conrad_Melville (7k)
Team 3: jlt (1d) and yebellz (6k)
Team 4: _Sofiam (1k) and proxy1 (7k)
Team 5: teapoweredrobot (6k) and Feijoa (6k)
Team 6: Jon_Ko (4k) and Gia (18k)


Tournament Record
Live list of games

Game link Komi/Handicap Result
:black_circle: Team 2 vs. Team 1 :white_circle: even B + Resignation
:black_circle: Team 3 vs. Team 1 :white_circle: even B + Resignation
:black_circle: Team 3 vs. Team 2 :white_circle: even W + 4.5 points
:black_circle: Team 4 vs. Team 1 :white_circle: even W + Resignation
:black_circle: Team 4 vs. Team 2 :white_circle: even W + Resignation
:black_circle: Team 4 vs. Team 3 :white_circle: even W + Resignation
:black_circle: Team 5 vs. Team 1 :white_circle: -6.5 komi W +15.5
:black_circle: Team 5 vs. Team 2 :white_circle: -6.5 komi W + Resignation
:black_circle: Team 5 vs. Team 3 :white_circle: -6.5 komi W + Resignation
:black_circle: Team 5 vs. Team 4 :white_circle: even W + Resignation
:black_circle: Team 6 vs. Team 1 :white_circle: handicap 5 W + Resignation
:black_circle: Team 6 vs. Team 2 :white_circle: handicap 5 W + 21.5
:black_circle: Team 6 vs. Team 3 :white_circle: handicap 5 W + 28.5
:black_circle: Team 6 vs. Team 4 :white_circle: handicap 4 B + resignation
:black_circle: Team 6 vs. Team 5 :white_circle: handicap 2 W + 26.5


Position Team Points
3 Team 1 3
1 Team 2 5
2 Team 3 4
4-6 Team 4 1
4-6 Team 5 1
4-6 Team 6 1

This is a round robin, 2-person team, strict rengo tournament.

  • Public game

  • Strict rengo

  • 19x19

  • Japanese rules

  • Correspondence, Fischer 1d+12h up to 2 days, pauses on weekends

  • Creator team is W

  • Analysis is on*

  • Handicap/ komi as seen in the table below

  • Timeout doesn’t lead to disqualification from the whole tournament, only loss for that specific game.

  • Only communication allowed between team members is about resigning.

*At TD’s discretion, overruling majority vote.

Please check that you don’t have auto-start on from previous settings.

  • If n<m, the player of Team n whose name appears first creates the game against Team m. For instance, a8090 creates all games involving Team 1, martin3141 creates all games involving Team 2 except the one against Team 1, etc.

** @a8090 @martin3141 @jlt @_Sofiam @teapoweredrobot please create the challenges and post below when you are ready, so everyone else can come over and accept. Please name the games as “Ogf Rengo tournament Team X - Team Y”. Everyone please accept the games until 2022-06-12T13:00:00Z, so we can start. Of course, if a game is full before that, creator can start asap.


I copied most of jlt’s posts into a shiny new thread so, you know, if anything’s wrong, blame him. :woman_shrugging:


FYI, in case anyone doesn’t know: When a game with weekend pause starts on a weekend, the pause does not take effect until the next weekend.


I created the challenges, but not 100% sure if the komi is correct. So please let me know if I should change some setting.
Specifically I set “komi: automatic” for even games, “komi: custom, -6.5” for reverse komi and “komi: custom, 0.5” for the handicap game.


I created the game for team 5v6
I hope I got it right!


Sorry but what does the “Ogf” mean?


Online Go Forum, as opposed to Online Go Server.

It’s a playful way we refer to the OGS forum community.


well obvs I cannot follow simple instructions so have removed my previous attempt and tried again with the (almost) correct title. Sorry @Gia

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Why? It makes sense for the handicap games, but why for the other games?
I’m just curious, our games are all handicap games anyway.

I thought it was customary for the weakest player.

Sorry if this messes things up, we can change the rule.

I have held off joining the Team 2 v Team 3 and Team 2 v Team 4 games because if I join now the system will assign me to the wrong team. I will join after yebellz and Sofiam have joined those respective games.

The game creator can move a player from one team to the other.


Yes, if they know how. I think this may be safer.

dont worry.

An interloper has signed into the Team 2-Team 3 game. I have sent him a polite PM explaining the situation and asking him to withdraw. I have also sent a PM to martin3141 explaining the situation. When yebellz shows up, the interloper can be unassigned and left behind, I believe, if he does not withdraw.

Edit: He has graciously withdrawn. I also put a message in the chat to warn off others.

I added some game links to the first post. Seems like @_Sofiam still needs to make her team’s matches against teams 4 and 5.

How about in the game chat?


I think I’ve joined our four games. @martin3141 is the creator of one of them. Looks like I was the last one in.

Edit: also joined the fifth one, which was created by @a8090. That one is full, but the teams need to be adjusted.

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Done, I think. I’m sorry for the delay

Games started:
Team 3 vs Team 4
Team 3 vs Team 5
Team 3 vs Team 6

@_Sofiam @Feijoa @yebellz your turn :slight_smile:

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But in the games we play, not in a way that we could communicate with our teammates.

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The point is not to provide useful information to the players. I assume that when we use the chat in games we are not playing, then the players can’t read the chat? Can a player who is a moderator see the chat anyway?

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