1st Ogf Rengo 19x19 Tournament 🌐

This was my first time playing serious rengo, and I had a lot of fun! It was interesting to play with someone right at my level since I could usually assume we saw the same things. I was confused about a few of the places you were playing, though looking back now it’s hard to remember what I was confused about - so I hope it wasn’t just me messing up!

I did always tap back-back-back to get a review of what I had missed and tried to figure out what everyone was thinking. Is that not easy with the app? Of course if the last four moves were always numbered it would be a lot easier.

I tried leaving a few Malkovich comments and at this point am not sure I’d have anything reasonable to add in a review. There would be a lot of “I remember thinking very hard here, no idea how I got it so wrong.” One point is that the opponent following me seemed much stronger except in 6 vs. 5, which made that one uniquely interesting. In that game I tried to always give the more complicated move to @Gia, hope she appreciated it! :relaxed:


Yes, it’s the same in the app and I had to do this more or less on every move but for a normal (fast correspondence) game I can usually recall the last few moves just on seeing the board so don’t get this kind of disjointed sensation and need to check back and catch up each time.

Certainly this is true! Although I also feel that my OGS rank is not really a reflection of my “true” strength/ability but is somewhat inflated so had a constant sense that I would be letting you down!