1st Stones in the Shell open tournament

The online go club Stones in the Shell will held his first tournament the 10 and 11th June on OGS and Discord. Entry is free (with licence required), our sponsors helped us with a tons of prizes.
More informations at

There will be a live twitch on sunday with Lucas Neirynck 6d

Tournament poster


What licence?

Read the website:
“In order to register to the tournament, you need to have a valid licence number (FFG, EGF, other).”

I can read a website. Thank you but that info is pretty short.

I understand from this sentence that members of any go association, either from an EGF country or a country outside Europe, are accepted.


I hope they’re not that strict, I have an EGF rank but no association.

It will probably be fine. Most players are French, they will certainly welcome a player from Greece.