2 requests - game ranks and username

Can you please add 2 features

  1. Let users update/change username

  2. allow users to adjust slow and blitz ranks to users normal (real?) rank.

… unless you really like to manually adjusting ranks and renaming users for ever.

I believe the current paradigm is that manual adjustments are easier to deal with than the abuse that occurred when self-initiated username changes were allowed.

Also re-categorized this to OGS development.


if first login form Facebook/Google/Twitter, allow name change once. (why people are willing to report all online activity to a advertising company, is beyond me but this is another topic)

Even better, force user to go trough name change (or confirm if they like to keep the name) after first login.


Totally agree on that one, and hope to see it implemented soon.

The live rank is NOT the “real” rank, many people here play only correspondence games.

In particular, your proposal offers the obvious ultimate sandbagging opportunity for correspondence players. Just have your live rank at 20kyu, and regularly push your correspondence rank back down to 20kyu with your adjustment.

It’s irrelevant, what many people here do or don’t. IIRC, 19x19 rank in a normal game is the real rank and all the rest is just for fun.

Someone as mentally disturbed as a sandbager will find a way to cheat no matter what you do.

So your argument is “IIRC”. Please stop discussing if you are simply saying “I am right, everyone else is wrong”.

Same goes for your other argument which is simply not true that it “does not matter what you do”. Everyone who is involved with troll-handling or even criminal-handling knows very well that it matters a lot what you do. Just saying a thing does not make it true which seems to be your way of arguing.

It seems to me that in your social group it is accepted behaviour to value opinions just by who states them most forcefully and then you “win” by forcing others to comply. This will simply not work here.

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no idea wtf you are going on about but quick check confirm that you get a rank only on playing a full size board and a normal game.

We actually rate 9x9 and 13x13 games as well as 19x19. Though, the smaller boards are weighted less than the 19x19 games.

Any custom board size games can’t be rated.

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