2020 Online European Championship

Top-ish European players

I hope OGS will have the stability


Is the ish because they need a European passport?

It sounds good for OGS anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah hopefully some maintenance/borking doesn’t happen or need to happen at the wrong time :slight_smile:

I hope the crowd funding works out!
Extract of email to national Go organisations:

Dear go friends,

But, we lost our sponsorship for this event which was the 2020 European Go Congress. It means that we are lacking our planned source for money prizes for the best European players in 2020.

As our EGF finances are not in good shape (cf. our last AGM), we suggest to collect donations via a crowdfunding campaign . We would like to rely on your national go community to secure a minimum level of money prizes for our championship. With various contributions including this crowdfunding, we would like to offer at least half of the money prizes distributed on previous years (i.e.>5000€):


Hence, we would like you to relay this crowdfunding campaign within your go federation.
We remain convinced that our EGF go community would like to continue supporting our top players.

on behalf of the EGF Executive board


Thanks for the information, @S_Alexander!

Might be a good idea to <ping> @anoek in such a case.

And thanks also to you, @shinuito, I just donated a small amount, looking forward to exciting games!

I’m not sure what I did :slight_smile: