2021 NHK Cup games watch location?

Anywhere I can watch upcoming NHK Cup games? I don’t need translations or anything, just, well, NHK Cup games are my happy place.


Last time I checked, it’s impossible to do it easily. You could maybe connect to Japanese TV. They have online records too but it’s region locked and even if you bypass it, the registration appears to be by physical mail.


I was actually wondering about this myself, but I also didn’t know when the NHK cup is on :slight_smile:

I saw there was an NHK world app on the App Store, but don’t know if they’ll have go. I might download to take a look and see how much I can find out for free.

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I don’t think it does but I can’t speak japanese so of course it’s a bit of a blind investigation to find it for me. They’re broadcast on japanese tv every sunday, pretty much all year round, with some minor exceptions. I know they get a little uppity when someone is regularly posting them on youtube, which is why those have stopped. I wonder if there’s an english language liaison that we could email to ask about legitimate ways to watch, even if there’s some paid subscription. Maybe they might be happy to hear that they could likely make 3 bucks a month off of 100+ people by offering some way to watch NHK Cup games.

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We’d be lucky to get 10. It’s nearly not as big of a deal for most people. Who would pay for video commentary they don’t even understand.

Past episodes here: エピソード - NHK杯テレビ囲碁トーナメント - NHK

Also, NHK aesthetic is nice but there’re other commentary services that just as incomprehensible for foreign players but actually available.


I couldn’t even find that webpage :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess one needs a VPN or something.

It also looks like only the most recent episode has a play button.

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The youtube videos that used to be posted regularly had a few hundred hits, minimum. Perhaps some were expats who do speak the language but I know, myself, at least 10 people who watched regularly enough to warrant a nominal fee.

that page works with a vpn but I have to make an account or something, and that’ll take me a bit to parse.