2024 US Go Congress

The Early Bird signup deadline for the US Go Congress is April 15th! Tournaments, professional instruction and so much more; register now and save!



I’ve registered. Looking forward to my first ever visit to the US!

Looks like there’s over 200 names on the registration page now. (You need to log in to see the full list.) Anyone else from this forum going?


200 only? I hope you get finally much more. This year european go congress is in Toulouse (France) which means a huge number of participants…

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Well, I signed up!

EDIT: Sorry @xela, unfortunately I had to cancel this since something else came up! I’ll be sad to miss it, it seems like a great event.


338 names showing on the registrants page today, but actually over 400 now according to Congress registration tops 400 - American Go Association


Hi, the 400 number includes about 70 people who registered as “non-participants”. This typically includes parents or spouses. This group does not show up on the Registrants list.

EGC 2024 is over 1041 registrants.