~20k looking for teaching game

Hi, I’d appreciate if a strong player could give me a teaching game, preferably correspondence.

I’m around 20k according to OGS.

Thanks in advance.

You’ve been playing mostly 9x9. Are you looking for an intro to 19x19, or to hone your 9x9 skills?

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I can give you a teaching game. Just send me a game request.

@GreenAsJade, I’ve been playing mostly 9x9 to train my tactical skills, basic reading, life and death etc. - it’s also easier for me to review by myself. But I’d like a 19x19 teaching game to get the most out of it. Besides, I’ve joined a few tournaments, so I’m going to be playing a lot more 19x19 soon.

@Spockoo, thanks. I’ll send you a request later today.

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No worries, looks like you are sorted anyhow :slight_smile: