20k looking for teaching games


I would like to understand why to place stone here and not there. I played few games and I am not really sure which points make sense to be used. Can someone explain how to play ? Voice chat is welcome.

Thank you

You and me both :smiley:
However if 10k would be enough for you so far, I am quite willing to try and share some of my ideas :slight_smile:
not sure about voice chat, never tried it before, but otherwise feel free to add me as a friend (to see if I am online) and/or send me a challenge.

anything is better then nothing

Go on youtube and look for a video called “Dsaun shape lecture”. It will help you understand the basics of good and bad shapes.

thanks for your tip

I would like to share my teaching games with all people.
If you are interest about this idea and want to support me please let me know.
Games are available here.

I already reached 20k but my way is still beginning.