20k, want to improve

by making big plays and reading positions correctly. I would like to see the long term picture of a game. In other words to know what I’m doing (plan) after the beginning. I was wondering if any of you would give me the time to help me understand the game better in a teaching game. I need someone who will take his/her time and explain each move, if necessary.

I sent you a challenge :3

Instead of writing stuff in malkovich log, please write in game chat your thoughts, so i can see what you are thinking and maybe tell what would i have done differently ^^

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If you’re still interested, message me for a correspondence or long live teaching game. I’m around 12k now, I’ve grown from 25k to 12k over the course of about 1200 games in under a year, so I can offer some perspective on quick skill growth and learning resources as well!