20kyu looking for teaching game


I have been mostly playing 9x9 games and would like to discuss the relative merits of shapes and placement in fighting (pretty much all 9x9 moves :). My goal is to develop local knowledge so that I can start moving up to larger board sizes. I would be happy to learn on 19x19 board as well but I am worried that with all of that space I will miss too many things.

Hi goban12,

Several things I can suggest:

  1. Start playing more games on 13x13 board. It’s not so overwhelming as 19x19, and not so “cramped” as 9x9 :wink:

  2. Check out the Puzzles collection. I have not used very many yet, but I really can say that “Tactics Tutor” is very useful. If you still prefer playing on 9x9 boards then take a look at “9x9 Opening Explorer”. There are just so many good offerings to look at … :dizzy_face:


– Musash1

Hi goban12,

Go is as much about playing in the right direction globally as finding complicated fighting moves locally. For instance, a 1d could very much beat a 4k even if he avoided ALL FIGHTS during the game. Thus, I think it’s a good idea to always work on both type of skills. You should start using 19x19. Ping me if you want a quick teaching game :slight_smile: