21k Looking for someone to Review Games!

Hello! I started playing about a year ago. I played for a month or so, then stopped playing for various reasons. I started playing again a few days ago, and have learned a lot since I started playing again. I have found that I learn the best from reviews, rather than things like lectures. Teaching games would be nice, but I know people are busy and there are more people who want a teaching game than want to give a teaching game.


I’ll give it a try. Send link by PM

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been doing kind of well recently, so getting a good game to review has been difficult.

Thank you so much for your time!

Well, the thought of reviewing a game in which the mighty KoBa deliberately kept the score to +.5 points is daunting. I’ll see if I can offer any tips, though you have already received advice from a much stronger player than I.

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Yeah, I can’t add much here. Keep it up! I guess that in another month or too you’ll be beating me.

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Here’s a game that needs review if anyone wants to take a look.