22k Player looking for a teaching game

I am a 22k player but I know all the basics, I have spend many hours studying the game but I am having trouble applying it into game. I am looking for a 5 kyu - 9 dan to help. I have already posted a challenge on OGS for a correspondence game. Thank you for reading!

I’m sure you’ll find someone quickly, we are a friendly bunch here. But, quite honestly, I believe someone being about 10 stones stronger than you should be easily enough for a useful teaching game.

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hey Lando,

i accepted your challenge :slight_smile:. let me no what you are looking for specifically and ask a lot of questions so youll get the most out of our game.


glad to oblige :wink:

bold! (just kidding :slight_smile:)

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Thank you!

I’m not sure if you will find this useful or not, but I’ve put together some information for newcomers :heart: