24k Requesting a Teaching game, never played one before

I just started playing about 2 weeks ago and im getting the hang of things, but a teaching game would be wonderful.

Pacific Standard Time, i am free almost any time after 7pm. more open on weekends.

Gameplay: 19X19, Live

  • other than that i have no preference

Ah, wonderfull :slight_smile:
if you wish, send me a friend request and just PM me when you see me online. I give wonderfull teaching games. What I lack in skill I more than make up in sense of humour. :wink:

btw do you know what is orange and bad for your teeth???

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I’m only 17-18k but I’d be happy to play a teaching game with you … I can do a live game after 7pm Pacific or on weekends, just PM me. I’ve learned how to solve a lot of absolute beginner mistakes, if that helps.

orange paint?

An orange hammer

hahahahaha :smiley: originally it was a brick, but they are both great answers!

Bricks aren’t orange you silly sausage

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I beg to differ, sensei! sausages arent orange…

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