24kyu vs 18 kyu review

Requesting a review of this game. Didnt do too well, any advice is helpful. Thanks

I would also like to know what general improvements I could make to move from 24kyu to teen kyu. I feel like Im stuck at the bottom right now, and just cant seem to dig myself out of the hole to at least to progress to the teen ddk range.

I had a look at the game, and what stands out is that you are missing some “basics” of 19x19 play.

When I finally managed to get to 20k, I wrote this: Your beginnings with Go?

I think you are up to bullets 4 & 5. You seem to know about corner-sides-centre, but aren’t yet spotting the “big” moves.

Dwyrin’s “Back to basics” youtube series is good for getting insight into how to think about where to play next - what is big, and what is urgent.

I put some notes on the game.




You have made some very critical suggestions. I think watching some of these video series will give me a boost in improvement. Thank you for the review as well, and I will definitely read the Your beginnings with Go thread. Im also considering ordering two books: In the Beginning and Opening Theory Made Easy. Hopefully they wont be too complex at my level.

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FWIW, something I’ve found is that Dwyrin’s basics seem to trump “opening theory” at my beginner level. Whenever I learn a fuseki and try it out, I find that I don’t have the skills and experience to make it work.

Wheras just “playing solid basics” works well, it seems. And has the advantage that you don’t have to remember a pile of stuff!


Left a quick review in my sleep deprived state. :wink:

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Thank you for taking the time to do the review _Thrawn

Thank you guys for taking the time and effort to help me improve. Now its just up to me to take care of business on my end

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