25 kyu game review?

I’m around 25 kyu, just started. played first game and realized its a bot. I played conservatively knowing I was going to lose and basically seceded a lot of terrirotrty from the get go in exchange for a more stronger defense (a lost game was a foregone conclusion however I didn’t think I’d end up losing all groups) where did I go wrong the most on this?

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Biggest thing I saw from glancing over it was that you gave up all 4 corners to the bot. It is way easier to secure territory in a corner than on a side, so its better to start off a game by taking a couple corners rather than trying to take the sides. The bot playing 3-3 immediately after you played 4-4 is weird and bot-like imo, I probably would have ignored it initially and played in one of the other corners before responding to it.

Move 24 doesn’t make sense imo, it would have been much more effective play 3-3 in the upper right corner, since at that point you have no secure territory and have focused more on the center than the corners.

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I left a review.

You have an excellent grasp of how to go about it - you’ve obviously done some study already.

As mgv said, “corners first”.

In addition to ceding the corners, you also need to think “strength”.

Small knights. in particular, are weak - whenever you think about playing one, you need to think "can I afford to have this cut?

Similarly, you need to block peeps, otherwise you get pushed and cut … that was really the end of it, when that happened.


Just posted my first review ever… hope it can be useful.

My annotations:

  1. first corners, than sides, finally center (easy to correct)
  2. life and death awareness (a long journey for all levels)
  3. direction of play (more difficult to correct)

Keep improving.

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