25 Kyu Player seeking Teaching Game

Hey I’m a beginner with some time on my hands and the will to pick up another strategy game like Go. I play on Full 19x19 boards as I want to understand the grand scheme of things and how one move affects the board. The preferable teacher is at least 17k. I am available for almost any weekday 5-9 pm US CST. If you would prefer correspondence games I would be willing to play a quick paced correspondence game (e.g. 1d+8h up to 3d).

I wouldn’t presume to teach, but if you message me to arrange a time I’ll give you a game and review it afterwards. I’m in UTC+1

I can do a correspondance game, I don’t mind the time settings as I play regularly and often my correspondance games are done within a few days. If you’d like send me a challenge, or PM me.