25k - 20k looking for a teaching game

I’m looking for a low dan or double-dight kyu to help. I am looking to learn some advanced techniques and tips. Thank you!

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You probably meant to say: low dan or single digit kyu OR 1-5 Kyu. A High Kyu would be 20Kyu to 25Kyu. Anything in the teens is usually referred to as a double digit kyu.

I’m not currently taking on any new students but I have played many teaching games where I teach in the chat. You can view these in this thread, along with many beginner resources.

Also, it is customary to be taught by a double digit kyu. They are no longer beginners and therefore can teach you all the basics that you need. If a highly skilled Go player were to teach you, everything they showed you would either be above your head, or be a repeat of the basics that anybody in the double digit kyu’s could also teach you.

Doesn’t mean you won’t find someone in that rank range to help you, but you should be aware that you don’t need anybody super talented to introduce you to the games basic concepts :hugs:


Thank you! I have updated my post!

Do you have a board size preference? Is a correspondence game acceptable? How much Go experience do you have so far?

I can offer 19x19 correspondence teaching game.

If you are up for a move every day (or so) - no slower - and interested in “talking about it while playing the game” style of teaching, send me a challenge.


Your best bet is to go to learn-go.net first, and get then a teaching game when you get to around 19k. Mostly so you avoid bad advice, and don’t go into the higher ranks with training scars.


I agree that it can actually be better use of everyone’s time to understand the basics from an online course.

I actually found Insente’s Beginner Series really good for understanding the basics - this might be a good alternative for someone who doesn’t like a “written” style website.

Ironically, Insente has been criticised for the sort of questionable advice about more advanced play that Kaworu_Nagisa mentions. But the beginners stuff is correct and accessible.

I also think 19k might be too long to wait. I found breaking through from TPK to DDK quite hard, and some personal advice at that (21/20k) time would have been good I think. Maybe I’m just one of the slower ones :slight_smile:


19k probably is too long to wait. I just resorted to the “every 5 ranks” (thanks base 10) default out of laziness, and didn’t do any sort of thinking or analysis to find when the actual plateaus happen. I’d be willing to change it if there were any good ideas or graphs or something to show when/where people plateau.


Not sure I apply (as a Single digit kyu) / yes, the ranks take a while to get used to, but to get back to your original question, if correspondence games would suit you (and are still looking for more), just challenge me with your preffered settings, I will be happy to play a game :slight_smile: . Sadly I do not usually have time to schedule live games.