25k Looking for a correspondence teaching game 25k

I’m pretty new to go, It doesn’t matter what size board. Thank you.

Welcome to go. I sent you an invite to a 9x9 game.

Awesome! thank you.

feel free to send me a challenge if you want more than one game :slight_smile:

If you really are completely new, I would probably recommend to stick to 9x9 for a few games as not to spend a lot of time on a game you still do not have “the hang of basics” for. But if you would rather play on the big board I do not mind,

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Thank you! I sent you a challenge.

I’ll give you a game if you want sometime.

That would be great : )

I’m having trouble finding you. Would you mind sending the challenge?

You could send me a challenge when you want. I like teaching games UNRANKED