25k looking for a review, and tips on previous games

I was wondering if anyone cold look through them and tell me where i went wrong, and things I could have done better. I feel i started strong but it all went downhill so fast.

I was white
ThePhoenixSol-morphineofmine.sgf (6.3 KB)

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I made a quick review: https://online-go.com/review/241351

To sum up what I observed. You are way too focused on killing, often missing atari’s in the process. Remember, killing in go is very hard, and sometimes, only one stone will be captured the entire game. Focus less on killing, and more on taking territory.

One other thing, you have this tendency to throw stones right into your opponent’s group for no reason. Ex: Move 84. Try to break this habit.

I hope this helps!


Really, and here i thought i was focusing more on territory. I guess all those low rank games against people who just attack from move 1/2 got to me… Ill try and focus more on the territory, thanks a lot. and Ill stop throwing stones into the groups, though you guessed exactly why i did it… it would only let me upload a single game, but here is another one for review, think it would help any to review it as well?

jain16276 vs. ThePhoenixSol.sgf (4.1 KB)

Lol! Well, the killing part is kind of what it seemed like. :slight_smile:

I’ll might be able to look over your other game tomorrow, (it’s night time where I live.)

Also, you can just give us the link to your game for us to review it. That’s how I found and reviewed yours.

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alright, thanks. and ok then, will do it in the future

I’m only just barely escaping beginner-dom, but I can see a few things that I know now that you don’t yet :slight_smile:

They are basically the same things Thrawn commented on in the first game, repeated in the second game. Beginners need to know:

  1. Don’t play into atari.
  2. “Corners, Sides, only then Centre”. This is because this order secures the most first. The centre is very insecure.
  3. What are eyes and whether you have them or not. This will help you stop things from dieing, and stop investing stones that are dead.
  4. Counting liberties. This will help you lose battles less.
  5. Play “big” moves first. Moves that secure more of the board
  6. Dont’t attach. Surround.

I added a review to the second game, with some illustration of some of those points.


I’m only 20k, so YMMV. HTH.



@GreenAsJade had good comments. I just left a few of my own. https://online-go.com/review/241514

In addition to what Green said, I think you should also learn the 5 steps of the opening, I left them on the review, move 5.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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That review actually helped a LOT. Would you mind if i added you / asked you for reviews in the future if i have questions about games?

I can only speak for me … and I don’t know if my contribution helped - but I find reviews help my own thinking, so I’m happy to do them :slight_smile: It’s rare that reviews come up for games below my rank that I might actually be able to help with :slight_smile:

@GreenAsJade Your contribution did assist some. Thrawn is doing a teaching game with me as well, if you want to watch and see what you can learn then here is the link for ya! :smiley: https://online-go.com/game/85368471

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