25k Requests a Review of a 9x9 Game

I won a 9x9 game against a person, which I have not done perhaps ever. JimHSoars[25k] vs mcadoo300[25k]. Please respond if you are interested in doing this review.


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My first ever attempt here to comment on a game, hope it got saved with the game file and you can view it.
cheers (*^^)v

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It is saved :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Congratulations for this first victory, hope more will come soon! The commentary you got is pretty good too.

If you want to do a more normal review of the game there a button on the sidebar (below the game on mobile) to review the game.

It’ll basically make a copy of the game and moves, but it’s permanently in a sort of analyse mode, and you don’t have to share each variation, you can just write comments in the comment box available there.

thx, that sounds easier

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