25kyu Looking for Teaching Games

I am few months in, have read a few books (learn to play volumes 1-3) and done a few thousand problems etc. and really want to start playing more human games. I feel like I get lost in the mid game fairly quickly and am looking for some guidance. I greatly appreciate any and all consideration :slight_smile:

If you are fine with correspondence, just send me a challenge.


3 books and a few thousands problems? That’s more than I could do in a couple of years…
You obviously know how to play and live. From now on you just need to start and play live games to see how it goes.

I don’t believe in correspondance games to improve fast. Just play live games and feel free to poke me if I’m online.

Actually, I’ve looked at you 9x9 and elotest games. You’re not applying what you’ve read.

Next games, focus on counting liberties for your stones and your opponents’

There are a few proverbs that will help you find better moves on 19x19:

-Don’t follow your opponent around
-Respond to attachment with hane (Respond to attachment with hane at Sensei's Library)
-Don’t push from behind (Pushing from behind at Sensei's Library)

Proverb that will help, based on your 9x9 game:

Don’t let your knight moves get cut (Cutting right through a knight's move is very big at Sensei's Library)

And general advice, watch this video:


Thank you so much! Those two games on my history are from a while ago before I had actually read much or tried any problems.

I appreciate the advice and will do my best to apply it. Will check the video out shortly also.

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Don’t fear to play humans. They are fun, and they have things to teach you, and soon to teach them too.

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Check out @tonybe’s 19x19 Beginners series is a good way to start.

Good luck!


Thanks Atorrante (tip of the hat)

@bmackenzie- if you start at the Intro, you’ll see links to subsequent articles at the bottom of each one. I’ve been writing these specifically with 20-25kyu plyaers in mind. Hope it helps:

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if possible, please look for Go community in your city. Meet people, get more Go friends, feel the board & stones, join live tournament.

Learning Go is more easy and enjoyable on real board (offline)


Am happy to play a teaching game also, just shoot me a challenge. 13x13 or 19x19 would be preferable given where you’re at.

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Thank you! Ill check it out :slight_smile:

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I would love to, my city is lockdown currently unfortunately but hopefully in the near future I can.

Thank you!