25x25 review request, 2 DDKs

I think the fact this game got stuck in scoring purgatory makes me want a review more.

I think I was doing pretty well and then went downhill, but 25x25 is even harder to make sense than the usual. I think, under that huge board, there’s some tactical mistakes I should avoid in any size and teachings applicable to all games (ie pretty big blunders), so any input is appreciated.

Hey 25x25 !
Just a few notes then.
You could think more on the difference between the 3d and the 4th line. Territory and mostly life vs access to the center.
Move 219 is quite gentle. At this time if
you can make the connection to the center stronger by attacking a bit white in sente, then invading the 3-3 would have been much better, leading you to victory.


I’m not a 25x25 expert and would happy to be corrected by someone who has studied this more but one comment on the opening:

As black you play some quite far out moves 4-5, 4-6, 5-6. Even though the center is larger, I think these center facing moves are still suboptimal. White has more space to invade than if you had played more standard opening moves like 4-4 or 3-4, and the influence gained is about the same (the board is so large there is little difference in outward influence between placing a stone on the 4th line vs the 6th line)

Visually, this is the comparison I am making:

The blue “influence” looks about the same, but White’s potential to make territory in an invasion is larger.

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