2nd Annual Australian Go Census and Australian Academic Go Symposium

Hey all! Just a reminder about the census of go/weiqi/baduk/igo players who currently live in Australia going on! It takes about 5 minutes to fill in, but would seriously be a huge help to me and other event/club/tournament organisers. We can’t improve things unless we know what you want and what needs improving!

If you want a copy of the data when the survey is complete, you can request one by sending an e-mail to the address at the end of the survey.

Findings will also be presented at the Australian Academic Go Symposium at the Australian Go Congress in Sydney in September. Attendance is free if you aren’t playing in any of the tournaments going on, and presentations will be recorded and livestreamed, if we can work out the technical aspects. Also, presentations may be published in the Journal of Baduk Studies, so make sure to get your abstracts in ASAP!