3-4 Low Approach Pincer - Push and Push Joseki

Today this joseki piqued my interest.


(and push and push until you’re bored)

This is a variation of Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS

What’s interesting is that I found it in two separate AI games by four different AIs:
DaPangGo vs Golaxy and zcloud vs PoesyGo

Here are the fuseki of the games:

Barring the difference in a few sequence orders and some exchanged, this is really similar.

Isn’t it fun?


Very cool! :slight_smile:

I know golaxy is a proper independent bot, but the other three are new names to me. Could they be KataGo clones/forks?

Pretty much possible. A lot of bots give same-y feeling when you look at their games.