3 colors-code to easily see board-size of game proposals

Hi everybody, I’d like to propose a small feature that would help users distinguish right-away the board-size of the game proposals on the page “Play” - wether you choose to display it with a chart or a list.

So, since there’s already a distinction between faded or colored (currently in green) for challenges you can accept or not,
it would be nice to differently color the challenges one can accept, depending on the board-size, like blue / yellow / green, for 9x9 / 13x13 / 19x19. I’d find it helpfull.

I hope I’m at the right place for interface modification proposals like this one, I also hope my message is written clearly, and I’m sorry if I’m posting about something somebody already posted about, though I searched for it before posting.


I would support this, as it seems like a good way of distinguishing without adding clutter to the UI. I would certainly use this frequently when looking for games, at least until a “filter” option is available.

I would suggest also putting this on the Uservoice page for OGS, accessible from the bottom of the main site under “Feature Requests and Suggestions”. Here’s the link so you don’t have to track it down, though: https://ogs.uservoice.com/forums/277766-online-go-com-suggestions-and-feature-requests



Great idea, see and vote for


I would also really like an indication of ranked of unranked, because personally I see no reason why ever to play unranked, but sometimes I accept such a game by accident.


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