~30 go books - free to pick up in sfca, us


the old ishi series, problem books, joseki dictionary etc

would love to place them in a club, but first come



Would you be willing at all to post them internationally? I’m in Australia, and looking for any materials I can to learn from. Happy to pass them onwards to my nearest club once I’ve studied them!


They must be valuable, they float! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d be willing to pay, covering shipping and everything too if you’re able to sell to Canada. I assume others are wanting to get some books too, so I’d mostly want the elementary series, along with “Whole Board Thinking in Joseki” and “Five Hundred and One Opening Problems” if those are available.

If you want to sell it as a lot for full price, I’d be down for that too. Most will be for sure lent out to the go club here.

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“free to good home, first to arrive gets them” usually translates to “I’m not going to put in any more effort than posting this online” lol, but, kudos for trying everyone


i’m sorry global go friends, but floating objects can’t be sent through international post :confused:


But but but … these are not floating :smiley:

Anyway, I’d also have asked for the whole lot since I am the local village Go club, but since you stated “free to pick up” I cried a tear and decided not to ask :wink:


There is a local go club in Berkeley, CA:

They might be willing to pick up.


Would you be able to send within USA for purposes of floating them across the Pacific to Australia? I’d be happy to arrange for someone in the US to receive them on my behalf.

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sold to trohde who has arranged to get them picked up. thanks to everyone for their interest and best wishes on your studies