30k Demo Board rating is "?"

I just noticed the “create tournament record” Group option for the first time today - thought it was a cool feature, fiddled around a bit and noticed for the first time that 30k doesn’t seem to be a valid rank for demo boards. It’s selectable on the drop-down menu, but this is the result: a “?” next to the player’s name:

(game link: Teaching Game 1)

This seems to be true of demo boards created with and without the tournament record Group tool. I also tried refreshing the page before and after switching the rank away from 30k (the new rank showed just fine) and switching the rank back to 30k (again showed as a questionmark).

For some reason I had kind of thought 30k wasn’t even a real OGS rank; is this part of the reason it doesn’t show up on demo boards properly?

The ranks also seem to be missing from the SGF, which is odd to me because I’ve definitely gotten ranks from demo board SGF’s before (2022 Masters R7 B4, for example).

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Oof. If you’re interested, I think this is the code that it runs thru to get that:

(30k means combined.rank === 0)

Not so hard to fix this bug, the hard part is verifying that every other use of <Player /> doesn’t break :grimacing: