30th Oxford Go Tournament

The 30th Oxford Go Tournament will be on Saturday 8th February 2020. We’re offering great prizes including £100 for 1st place! The tournament is suitable for players of any level, with past players ranging from 6 dan to 30 kyu. For anyone not used to 19x19, we have a concurrent 9x9/13x13 Novices tournament, recommended for those below 20 kyu. Please register via the form on our tournament webpage.


40 registrations so far, including 11 dan players! You can still sign up, and will qualify for the early registration bonus until February 4th.


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Just registered c: Callout to @Razza99 who never comes out to tourneys :stuck_out_tongue:


And Oxford was great last year! Do check it out if you are in this part of the world.

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i thought about trying the beginners but since my boys would have to come with me it would make for an expensive day…