3D Go application for reviewing games?

Hi! I had the idea to stream reviews of pro games using the aesthetically pleasing Ancient Go app from steam, but was shocked to find out that it doesn’t have a blank board option where you can just simply review games. The maker of the game does not seem to respond or update the game anymore. I am wondering if there are any other sharp looking 3D Go board applications like this that exist? I really wish there was.

There’s Go available in Tabletop Simulator by default, but as the whole point is mirroring real world tabletop gaming, you have to click and drag stones to place them, capture them, etc. This could be a bit slow for your purposes, I suspect.

I was just looking to that after I posted actually lol. I think I am going to give it a try. I still am curious if any other options exist, just to know. I wonder if OGS will ever make 3d skins, or if something like that is even possible in browser.

It certainly is, and since the front-end is open source, you could make it too! In reality, I think that most OGS development will go in other directions, as this seems like an exceptionally niche feature. (Not to mention how crushing it’s likely to be on battery life for such devices.)

There’s also been people on the r/baduk subreddit that have been making stuff in Unity a while back. Might be worth checking out as well. I don’t really have much more info to offer though.

Maybe I will bring it to their attention sometime (OGS devs), cause I would love that, just if it looked more 3d as on option. Maybe I’m strange for wanting it, but I bet a lot of people would be on board if it actually came out.
EDIT: I downloaded tabletop simulator and yikes, I would not want to do it this way long term, I couldn’t even grab stones out of the bowls. It just seemed pretty technical.

Grabbing of stones shouldn’t be too hard - you just click on the bowl and drag away. If you click and hold, though, it will pick up the whole bowl instead of an individual stone, so try to avoid that. It becomes second-nature after a few more minutes of messing around with it, in my experience.

I do that, but it only works 1 in 20 times. I think I might go for a refund unless you see what I am missing ?

I got it now. lock the bowls with L