3d vs 7k 9x9 game: Review request

Here is a game I played against nrx (3d).
I have few questions about it:

  1. Black invaded C3 very unexpectedly, first i had to fix weakness on E2, and later i couldn’t kill the group. Was there any way to kill black stones there? If yes, did black have better (safer move), something like F2 to push my stones and get bigger territory?

  2. around the move 30 I thought about attacking E8, because I was not absolutely sure black can separate my stones (pushing through C6 and C7) and win the capturing race, but I estimated I had no chance if black got bottom left corner. However, my opponent told me I should play E8 even earlier, but I don’t understand why (I mean it does look better then later, but certainly not good enough to get so much territory…?).

Thanks in advance!

  1. c3 was a very good move, and killing looks impossible. This doesn’t mean black is better, though.

  2. By move 30, I feel white is already lost. Check out the variation I left at 24.

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